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In 1994, the Rwandan Genocide was perpetrated and caused millions of refugees to flee the country across the border to Zaire. In the refugee camps, there were outbreaks of multiple infections diseases at the same time. As it never happened before or after, there were urgent calls for medical volunteers during the late-night news on German TV. I was a young medical student at the time and volunteered to help out with the organization CARE for two weeks. (You've surely heard of Care packets after WW II; in this case, essential medical help needed to be provided.)

I managed to take photos sometimes in breaks, three of which were used in a full-page story in German weekly newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. The story is well worth reading, which is why I scanned it. The admirable and considerate Wolf Allmaras was my team leader and he shared his insights for the story. Title for Google: "Nach der Cholera die tägliche afrikanische Tragödie"

I should dig out more photos and memories.

See here for some geographical background about the region.