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TFG - The Timber Framers Guild (USA; good book shop, Archive of technical publications)

Carpenters Fellowship


Timber Frame HQ

Konföderation Kreditloser Kameraden

3D modeling

I use Sketchup and I love it (I use a standalone, installable version from 2015, not todays web version)

Sketchup Timber Framing Tools (former TF Rubies) by Clark Bremer. These make it super-easy to design and model timber framing joints.

The 2D version of Dietrich's PlanCAD-L program is free

Broad overview over existing software options given by Alex Schreyer


Jack A. Sobon: Historic American Timber Joinery: A Graphic Guide, 2004-08

Steve Chappell: A Timber Framer's Workshop: Joinery, Design & Construction of Traditional Timber Frames.

Tedd Benson: Building the Timber Frame House: The Revival of a Forgotten Craft. This text is from 1986, so it's a bit dated, but inspiring read nevertheless.

Book shop of the Timber Framers Guild

Book store of the Carpenters Fellowship (you'll also previous issues of the club magazine with significant articles)

Das Holzbau-Buch, a 100 years old classic.
Das neue Buch vom alten Wissen der Schiftung (also available in English)

Tage Frid's books are super inspiring for woodworking in general, simple, didactically very well presented.

Ready for more fascinating stuff on old-world woodworking tools and techniques? Read about Roubo and his book L'art du menusier. Not to confuse the hard work of the time with a too-romantic view...

Eric Sloane: Sketches of America Past. Nostalgic Inspiration. The universal use and meaning of wood in former times. (This issue combines three books in one and is a nice bargain therefore.)

Very good, scientific book about Conservation of historic timber structures

There is a fascinating, free online course on Preserving Norwegian Stave Churches by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). It takes a few hours but it's fun and really interesting!

Cours de trait


Informationsdienst Holz zum Thema Holzschutz bei Ingenieurholzbauten. Jede Menge weitere Publikationen, alle umsonst:

Stereotomy - Le Piquage, or Theory of French Scribing
Stereotomy - A Carpentry Model
The Famous Louis Mazerolle
Saw Filing


There's a Facebook group called "Historical Timber Framing, Traditional Building and Architecture Group". It's quite busy. *I purposefully re-joined Facebook for nothing else than this group after a hiatus of 10 years, and recommend it!)

Forestry Forum

TF Guild Forum


This Sweet Devotion

Mr. Chickadee
Website | Youtube

In Defence of Green Oak

Paul Sellers

Lothar Jansen-Greef's very informative (German) youtube Channel about woodworking and restauration

Frost Heaving / Foundations

Setting up a gin pole

Mechanics of Chipbreakers

Woodworking for Kids

Das zünftige Richtfest

Seminal Films

The birth of a wooden house

Guédelon - Die Burg-Baustelle (in German, from 2014)

Matter and Gesture (Carpenters without borders)

Framing House and Home


Sawhorses by Brice Cochran

Meine Modifikation
Andere Anleitungen

Das Loblied auf den Zimmermannsbock

The French Trestle and its History

About Tools

Discussion in Forestry Forum
The Adze (See also my demonstration)
Bench Chisels Test
Bow Saws
Entrosten mittels Elektrolyse
Paul Sellers’ Rag-in-a-can oiler. A must-have!!!

Tool Providers, Online Shopping

Timber Framing Tools (very good collection with competitive pricing)

Dieter Schmid - Feine Werkzeuge
The ToolPost
Timber Frame HQ Shop
Newman Tools
Timber Tools (they've got a chisel)
MHG Timber Tools - I've got the 1 1/2" version, and I absolutely love it!
Barr Tools
Wendemesser-Umrüstsatz für viele Hobel
Henry Taylor Tools , Catalog
Henry Taylor Firming Chisel
The Best Things (vintage tools)
Canadian Log Building Tools
Wood is Good WD202, PU mallet
Timber Frame Tools
Cheap push axes (Stoßaxt)